Pet Boarding

Welcome To Hillside Pet Hotel And Boutique

Where Your Pets Are Treated Like Family When They Board With Us!


Below is a list of our 2016-2017 Rates

Standard Dog Boarding  $20.00 per night

Multiple Dog Boarding Each additional dog will be $17.00 per night

Feline Boarding $15.00 per night

Multiple Feline Boarding Each additional cat will be $12.00 per night

Playtime $7.00 each with a maximum of three a day.  Must be prescheduled.

Doggie Day Care $18.00 per day.  Includes one 20 minute play time.  No Sunday playtimes. 

Standard Dog Boarding includes 3 walks per day, food (we feed Science Diet dry mixed with Alpo canned food), and fresh water all day long.  We use Biederlack blankets and quilts and we have toys and treats.  Ifyour pet has a special diet, bring their food along and any medications they need. 

Hotel Suites  $24.00 per night. An Additional $17.00 per night for each additional pet in the suite.

Feline Boarding includes play time in the cat play room everyday. 

*We charge an additional $5.00 per day for animals with issues that require specific attention such as additional walks when others are not walked.